What was the last movie you rented?

I haven’t actually rented a movie in a really long time (sorry, Blockbuster).

I think I watched “The Adjustment Bureau” on OnDemand recently. Does that count?

Emily Blunt and Matt Damon star in Universal Pictures' "The Adjustment Bureau."

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2 replies on “What was the last movie you rented?”

  1. We haven’t rented a physical movie in quite some time. The last one I remember getting out of the RedBox was like… The Expendables or something like that for a guy movie night. We didn’t even end up watching it though.

    I rented “Pi” on an on-demand service a while back, but we didn’t finish it because of problems with the streaming. It was also… weird.

    I tried to rent “Valentine’s Day” recently, but couldn’t find it on-demand anywhere or in RedBox so I punted and just pirated it. 🙂

  2. Revise: I was going through my e-mail today and saw a receipt for the movie “Restless”. I didn’t watch it though as it was something I rented for Lori when I was planning to be out all evening.

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