The boys are still healthy and thriving.

I was really worried when we made the switch to all table food. I have never had particularly good eating habits, and I was worried that I would mess things up for the boys.

Gerber has a cool menu planner tool that I used pretty much religiously to get us going. But once they started monkeying around with it and it was unavailable to me for a couple days, I began to generate some confidence in being able to handle this on our own.

It wouldn’t really be the end of the world if their weight gain slowed down a little at this point. Lucas is almost into 24m/2T size clothes because of his, um, stoutness. And Henry isn’t far behind.

They are just about a week shy of being 15 months old. Small boys they are not.

Their feeding/nutrition has been a hang-up for me all along. When your baby is in the NICU, it’s all about meeting minimum daily goals. So it’s kind of embedded in your brain that you need to make sure they eat enough.

With a liquid diet, that’s easy enough. Consume at least XX mL/ounces per day. There came a day when we didn’t really need to worry about minimums anymore, but I was still consumed with making sure they got enough formula. There came a point when I was even likely overfeeding them. That was an eye-opener for sure.

But with non-jarred food? I’m really having to think about things a lot more. They can’t subside on coffee, cookies and pizza. Right? Thankfully, Dan is home more in the afternoons now and we are able to tag-team a little more.

And the little monsters just keep growing!

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  1. I try to think about Charlotte’s meal times in terms of food groups because of science and stuff. So I do a grain, a vegetable, a protein and a fruit. She gets the fruit at the end because we found she scarfed that down first and then wouldn’t touch anything else. This means I do a lot of mixing and matching of things. I buy a lot of frozen veggies that I can microwave quickly. Her favorites are peas. And we do a lot of fish sticks, breakfast sausages (also her favorite). Even if it’s not a meal, we just do random food groups to make sure she eats all sorts of things. I also give her stuff I hate to see what she might like.

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