For me: I’ve started driving for Uber to help make some extra cash on the side.

For the boys: We are in a phase of maybe whittling down to one nap a day. So some days we have the usual two, and others it’s one.

Both have been interesting.

With the boys, I will say it is tough not knowing what we’re in for schedule-wise each day. But knowing that we’re trying to get down to one nap, I do feel more comfortable doing things in the morning and pushing them towards that goal.

Of course this also means that I have to figure out a new routine for myself. I had gotten very into the swing of showering and getting dressed for the day during their morning nap. Now, I will try to squeeze that in before they get up if I can. Since my shower is upstairs and all their play space is downstairs, I don’t quite feel comfortable leaving them to play while I shower. Even though I can be done — from start to fully clothed — in about 15 minutes.

Now, on to Uber. This is an interesting experiment.

As a woman driving alone, I am obviously concerned about what bad things might happen. But my fear of going bankrupt and not being able to keep food on the table for my boys is stronger. So I set out.

The first two days went well. Considering how much I don’t like people (generally speaking) and how uncomfortable I am meeting new people, it went surprisingly well. Had a couple of good conversations or otherwise had polite and quiet riders. I think I can easily do this for a few hours a day and bring in enough extra to be helpful, but probably not enough to completely take away the financial stress.

However, shortly into day two, I get a panicked call from Dan that he thinks he’s broken his ankle and I need to get home ASAP. While his ankle isn’t broken, he is in a walking boot and can’t be home alone with awake babies. So Uber is either on the back burner or I’ll do it after the boys go to bed. Even though driving in the dark is not my favorite thing.

Anyway, here’s hoping that both endeavors turn out well!

(Also, if any of this has you thinking to yourself, “How can I help this sweet family?”, please visit our GoFundMe page! Any donation, no matter the size, helps and goes straight to medical bills. Which just got a little higher thanks to that trip to the ER.)

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