Well, we’re not quite done with the day yet, so I’m sure there will be more acts of love yet to come.

So far today, though, it has been a day of comforting my Henry bear and cheering on Lucas as he finally starts to work on this walking business.

Henry has been walking for a little while now. He does the thing that I think most moms freak out about: puts a hard toy in his mouth and then walks around with it. The thing is, he still wobbles and will topple over a little. Whenever I see him walking with a toy in his mouth, I stop him and take it out. But sometimes he just sneaks it by me.

That happened this morning. With a stick for their wooden xylophone. He was holding it in his mouth like a cigar, wobbled a little and reached forward into a downward facing dog-like yoga pose. And the stick jabbed him under the tongue and drew a little blood. I would’ve cried, too, if it had been me.

This all occurred after I caught him wandering into the front living room (because Mommy forgot to close that gate) and brought him back into the play area. Which caused immediate fake crying.


At least, that’s what I believe he was trying to communicate to me.

All the while. Lucas is just sporadically letting go of things as he works out how this whole walking thing is supposed to happen. He’s a little front heavy with his adorably large belly, so it’s a tad more challenging for him than it was for his brother. Lucas also doesn’t like to fall down or fail, unlike Henry who just brushes that off and keeps on going.

So the day so far has been spent with alternating “There there, little buddy, you’re OK” and “Wooo hoooo, Lucas! You got this!”

It’s a good thing I’m pretty used to sudden changes in mood.


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