Aside from food? A stack of pajamas to give us an eight-day supply of jammies (in theory). That way I (hopefully) don’t have to do laundry every three or four days just because we’ve run out of clean pajamas.

But really, food is the most frequent purchase. Yes, it’s for all of us. Honestly, though, if we were in this tight of a financial situation and it was just Dan and me, there’d be a lot more ramen and a lot less fruits and veggies and casseroles and such. When pressed, I can survive hungry. But I don’t want to make the boys deal with that.

Toys. So many toys. |
There are even more that you can’t see.

I try to be frugal with buying clothes and toys and such. I almost never pay full price for something unless it’s just that awesome or a true necessity (which toys usually aren’t). Plus, have you seen my living room? They have enough toys. And I get just enough clothes in any given size to get us through a week or so. Anything else is usually gifted or something really cool that was on sale.


Our basic bottom line is that we don’t want the boys to need for anything. At this age, they don’t really want for anything, but I know that time is coming. I hope to teach them that they don’t just get everything they want handed to them. That they have to earn things. Will I do everything I can to ensure they can have the things they want? Yes. But they will have to show us that they deserve them.

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