Closer. Both physically and in our relationships.

It’s been hard, harder than I expected, not to have my mom around. And now with my dad not doing very well, I’m facing the reality that I will be without both of my parents much earlier in life than I ever expected. My boys won’t know their maternal grandparents.

It hurts.

What makes it tougher is that my siblings and I aren’t very close. Dan’s brother went out of his way to drive from Ohio down to visit for only a day, really, after the boys came home. I have Snapchat conversations regularly with his sister.

Meanwhile, the only reason my siblings and I have talked as much as we have recently is because of my dad’s condition.

So it just bums me out that Lucas and Henry will likely know my family primarily by stories and pictures. It doesn’t help that we are spread from Augusta, Ga., to New Jersey.

The Hadleys and the Gatons | lauragaton.comNow, they do have my godparents. Anita and Kevin are the boys’ third set of grandparents, which most kids don’t have. They don’t know how lucky they are to have these two in their lives to love them and spoil them. But I can guarantee you — their lives will be greatly enriched my having their Hadley grandparents.

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