Yesterday was Daniel’s last day at work. We are now in a period of limbo while we wait for several things to shake out: his short-term disability to get approved (even though he’s been forced out onto disability, it could still be denied), vocational rehab to get started, the boys to get on WIC to help with the grocery bill and a few other things.

The good news is that we have progress on all of these fronts. After finding out at the eleventh hour that we were responsible for filing all the disability paperwork, we will get it all done on Monday. And Monday afternoon, we have an appointment at the WIC office for the boys.

Vocational rehab is a little bit of a question. Daniel started the process of applying a couple of weeks ago, which is good because we’ve been told it can take a few weeks to get approved for the program. We know he’s basically automatically in because of his status as a disabled veteran. But we’re still waiting because every time he called to check on his status this week, his case worker has been unavailable. So we’ll keep calling.

In other news, we also have appointment this coming week for the boys to get evaluated by BabyNet. At their MUSC check-up, the doctors were concerned about their fine motor skills and language skills. Their pediatrician (who sees them more often than every six months) isn’t concerned to the point of therapy yet, so I’m not concerned. But hey, if they qualify and we get free help, I’ll take it.

Things are still really complicated. And I’m still worried about how we’re going to survive. But I have hope. It’s just a small kernel, but it’s there.

That being said, we will still take any help we can get. I know the GoFundMe says it’s specifically for medical bills, but at this point we’ll be using it for food and house bills (mortgage, power, water) while we are in this limbo. If you’re able to donate, we will be eternally grateful. If you can’t, but you think someone in your network might be able to, please share. People raise thousands of dollars for more trivial things on a daily basis. Please help us in this time of extreme need.

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