Time to be the boss of my body again

OK, so I wrote before that I was going to start Weight Watchers again and everything was going to get back to working for my body! The weight loss would magically start to happen and I’d be in pre-babies shape again in no time!

Guess what. That was bullshit. It didn’t work because I just didn’t want to stick to it.

My biggest success with weight loss and exercise came when someone told me what to eat all day every day and I worked out five times a week. That’s the program I was on before I got pregnant and stayed on in a modified capacity once the twins were on board. I did really well with it. My pregnancy was actually super healthy and I was working out two to three times a week up until the last moment. I ate well and really only gained baby weight, not much extra.

But that simply wasn’t an option this time. My training studio is under new ownership and they don’t offer the program any more. Even if they did, I can’t make it to the gym five times a week anymore. And it was NOT cheap. Good value considering the results, but still.

So here we are.

The not-so-pretty before

And so it begins

Well, this is horrifying to put online for public consumption. But accountability is a strong motivator. So is public humiliation (take it easy, I’m allowed to be self-deprecating).

Thanks to some effective and well-timed Instagram marketing, I found a weight loss program that’s pretty similar which I can do at home and is more cost-effective: The BodyBoss Method.

It’s a complete 12-week fitness program, and I opted for the companion 12-week nutrition program. Again, I’m most successful when someone tells me exactly what to eat and what exercises to do. The fewer choices I have to make, the better.

I started the 4-week pre-training program today. I had no false impressions that I would be able to jump straight in without feeling the strain of my rather sedentary lifestyle of the past three years. And I was right. It took me well more than the specified time to finish the first workout today.

But I did it. I finished the workout and didn’t collapse. Or have a stroke, heart attack or anything else scary. I was sweaty and needed a lot of water before I could drag myself upstairs to get the boys.

But I finished and that’s all that is important for today.

I will start the nutrition program when the actual 12-week fitness portion starts up. I’m hoping starting in phases will help me get more mentally prepared. I’m going to try not to eat too horribly in these four weeks, but I’m not going to go whole hog just yet.

Wish me luck and check back for updates! I’ll be posting progress pictures and keeping up with my weight loss journey as best as I can. Happy New Year!

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