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Week 1: Ouch.

This week was the first week of pre-training. I opted not to get started on the nutrition program until the first week of the regular fitness program so that it would all line up. The result?

I gained 1.8 pounds. But that’s ok. Not an excuse, but a dose of reality: My starting weight was taken after I had a GI bug which prevented me from eating very much for a few days. So… I was being generous with myself when I clocked in at 190 pounds.

I’m choosing not to be discouraged because I know I still ate like crap this week. The important thing is that I stayed committed and did my workouts every day (it’s five days a week). So that’s a great achievement.

Especially because that. shit. hurt.

My muscles forgot what it’s like to be challenged, so the soreness kicked in pretty much immediately. But it let me know that I was doing something right. I know the difference between pain from doing exercises incorrectly and soreness from doing them correctly. This is just soreness. Nothing my daily Aleve (for the bulging discs in my neck) can’t handle.

So it’s now the weekend and I will try to keep moving. My fitness smart watch was very happy with me this week and keep buzzing to let me know I was meeting my daily activity goals. So I would like to keep that up. It’s good positive reinforcement.

And I’ve decided to start slow with the nutrition plan and do the week 1 breakfasts next week. Maybe if I change one meal at a time to start, then starting the whole program with the start of the non-pre-training fitness program will be a little easier (thanks for the encouragement there, Robyn!).

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I'm a mom to twin boys, wife to someone just as nerdy as me, and a recovering journalist. I've found new life in becoming a veterinary technician assistant.

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