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Week 2: Hold on, I have to go pee

I think the 2 pounds I lost this week might have all been water weight.

I kept going strong with week two and completed all five days of exercises. This week, Tuesday wasn’t a recovery day. It was challenge day. There is circuit that you do 24 reps of six different exercises and you time yourself. I’ll do it again during the second week of the actual program (still in pre-training) and then again towards the end of the program. The point is to see how much you’ve improved over the course of the (for me) 16 weeks.

I clocked in at 8 minutes 20 seconds.

Not my finest work, but I finished it and didn’t collapse. Yay!

Meal prep is my new friend

Also on the agenda this week was switching out my breakfasts for the nutrition program meals and drinking more water. I’ve always been horrible about staying properly hydrated, so I knew it was something I needed to work on.

Carb-free eggy muffins

All of that went pretty well, too, I’m proud to report. I prepped some egg “muffins” and homemade granola on Sunday to use during the week. I burned the granola a bit and the eggs stuck to the muffin pan to the point I had to chuck the pan. BUT! The granola wasn’t entirely burned and was still completely edible with the yogurt and berries it was paired with. And the muffins still tasted great, they were just missing an outer layer. I will enjoy them even more the next I make them and don’t completely screw them up.

I managed to swap in some morning snacks and make a few healthier lunch choices, too.

Have you had any water yet?

For water consumption, I turned to the almighty Google for some recommendations for apps to remind me to hydrate. I came across this one and it has been really helpful. It adjusts your target amount based on your weight and syncs nicely with my Samsung Health app. It alerts me every hour to drink some water and the alerts go through to my smart watch, too, so there’s really no excuse.

I haven’t made the target every day, but I have been 2,000% better about drinking water.

Which means I have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. For this, I apologize to my coworkers. And now, you’ll have to excuse me.

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