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Week 5: So. Many. Excuses.

Last Sunday, I went to urgent care because I was reasonably certain I had a sinus infection. Last time that happened, I ignored it until it became walking pneumonia. Seemed like that would be less than intelligent to let that happen again. Excuse No. 1.

The meal plan this week was really not my cup of tea. Death muffins (so named because of the use of a red chili), spicy tomato soup, lots of cabbage. While the death muffins weren’t nearly as diarrhea-inducing as I expected them to be, I still just didn’t really care for the meals this week. So I strayed. A lot. Excuse No. 2.

It was way too cold on my days off to walk my dogs. They went outside only long enough to go potty and then run right back inside. They even tried to bring in a bunny or two from the cold (bring in, try to eat, same thing). Excuse No. 3.

Clearly by now you can see what this all adds up to, right?

I gained a little. About 2 pounds. So I didn’t totally undo all my progress from the week before, but it was definitely not a high point getting on the scale on Friday.

Admittedly, I am starting this coming week from a slight disadvantage, as well. The boys took their turn at urgent care yesterday because of a high fever and snot that will. not. stop. (Mother-sons sinus infections!) And I was back there myself today because of a thunderclap headache. Yeah, that was a little terrifying.

Thankfully, all I needed was a shot in the ass and some steroids. Hopefully, I little steroid action will get me pumped to get back with the program this week.

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By laura.gaton

I'm a mom to twin boys, wife to someone just as nerdy as me, and a recovering journalist. I've found new life in becoming a veterinary technician assistant.

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