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Week 6: Back in the saddle again

I feel like you should all prepare for this trend.

Week A: So great, yay! Week B: Not great, boo! Week C: Great again, yay!

And so on and so forth.

So here we are for a yay! week.

One of the key things for me with a long-term program like this is fine-tuning things as I go. I started this journey intending to do the workouts on the days listed in the book to keep myself more likely to stick to it. And to follow every meal and snack to the letter every day. But that just wasn’t doing it for me.

See Week 5 and Week 3.

What worked this week

This week, I found success (down 5.4lbs!) by getting my workouts in when I could based on my work schedule, and eating the three main meals as designated but not squeezing in every snack on work days. That’s not out of anything extreme like purposefully not eating/starving myself. It’s just challenging to get more than maybe one snack in while I’m working.

I also allowed myself I little flexibility in snacking and a few ingredients in the meals. For example, BROWNIE BATTER HUMMUS, YOU GUYS. It sounds wrong, but it’s just. so. right. I even consumed it in small, healthy portions. And I passed on donuts in the breakroom this morning. #winning

My big workout challenge this week can be summed up in one word: Dogs. Those cute, furry little monsters decided to drop a heavy Kong bone on my head while I was doing some ab exercises. Then tear off all around me for the rest of the same workout.

Feeling the change

Seriously, though. I am really starting to feel a difference in the way I feel and the way that my clothes fit. I’m down 12.2lbs overall since starting this thing back on Dec. 31. Maybe not as much progress as I had hoped for, but it’s better than what I actually expected of myself.

It’s really hard for me to stay motivated under ideal circumstances. So balancing all the things — drinking enough water, eating right, exercising, keeping up the house, working, taking care of all the animals in my house, taking care of the kiddos, etc. — can get overwhelming.

So one week at a time! Maybe we can go two weeks of positive in a row and hold off on the yo-yo for a little bit.

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By laura.gaton

I'm a mom to twin boys, wife to someone just as nerdy as me, and a recovering journalist. I've found new life in becoming a veterinary technician assistant.

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