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Week 7: What does success really look like?

For most people on a weight loss program, success is defined solely by the number on the scale. That’s how it used to be for me, too. But is that really fair to ourselves?

I’m counting this past week as a success, even though I gained a little bit. Here’s why:

This was the second week of the actual 12-week program and included the timed challenge, just like the second week of the pre-training program. Guess what? I shaved my time by 3 minutes. Success.

I also chose to do some progress measurements and lost about a half-inch each off my waist and my thighs. This was particularly noticeable when I spent almost as much time hiking up my pants as monitoring vitals during a dental procedure this week. Success. (Also a success: my pants didn’t quite fall down during surgery. Yay drawstrings!)

Give yourself a pass sometimes

Sure, I didn’t stick to the meal plan. I gave myself a pass on Valentine’s Day because when someone walks a giant frosted cookie cake past you, it’s just rude not to partake (still not mad at it, Linda). Besides, that was another long surgery morning. My eating routine can get really easily out of whack on days like we had at the end of the week. And that’s OK.

It also put me a tad behind on my workouts. I’ve almost finished catching up at this point, though. The fact that I am reasonably confident in my ability to make them all also counts as success.

Planning ahead

I’ve already started food prep for next week. My carrot soup looks nothing like the picture, but it smells good. Up next are some mixed berry muffins and cooking up some sirloin for a Thai beef salad.

Oh, and I’m doing all this while Daniel and I are trying to get the boys potty-trained. What can I say. I like a challenge! But really, I just can’t stand changing diapers anymore. A three-day weekend provided the perfect opportunity to give this a solid effort.

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By laura.gaton

I'm a mom to twin boys, wife to someone just as nerdy as me, and a recovering journalist. I've found new life in becoming a veterinary technician assistant.