What’s a parenting “fact” no one seems to acknowledge?

It’s not that no one acknowledges this, but I don’t think it can ever be fully expressed and understood until you are a parent: it’s really, really hard. It changes your entire sense of self and what life is and can be like. If you’re like me and never pictured yourself having children, it can […]

Describe your parenting style

I think I fit best in the “free-range parenting” category. From Wikipedia: Free–range parenting is the concept of raising children in the spirit of encouraging them to function independently and with little parental supervision, in accordance of their age of development and with a reasonable acceptance of realistic personal risks. The early days in the […]

When was the last time you thought “I didn’t see that one coming”?

Honestly? Probably when my water broke. I stopped trying to figure out how things might go after that.  We were prepared (as much as you can be) for the boys to be born about a month early. But almost three months early? Who thinks that can happen to them? Especially when you’ve had a remarkably […]