And so it begins…

Yesterday was Daniel’s last day at work. We are now in a period of limbo while we wait for several things to shake out: his short-term disability to get approved (even though he’s been forced out onto disability, it could still be denied), vocational rehab to get started, the boys to get on WIC to help with the grocery bill and a few other things.

The good news is that we have progress on all of these fronts. After finding out at the eleventh hour that we were responsible for filing all the disability paperwork, we will get it all done on Monday. And Monday afternoon, we have an appointment at the WIC office for the boys.

Vocational rehab is a little bit of a question. Daniel started the process of applying a couple of weeks ago, which is good because we’ve been told it can take a few weeks to get approved for the program. We know he’s basically automatically in because of his status as a disabled veteran. But we’re still waiting because every time he called to check on his status this week, his case worker has been unavailable. So we’ll keep calling.

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If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?

I don’t know … Live a completely stress-free life where we have nothing to worry about and life is just rosy?

No? Too broad?

Maybe then just be able to relax, go to the aquarium or the park or wherever and just have a fun day with Dan, Lucas and Henry. Alas, I am headed to Columbia very shortly to go visit my dad, so most of my Saturday errands will be taken care of tomorrow. That includes things like buying a new tire for the Cadillac (so exciting, I know) and maybe even getting an Uber inspection done on the Mazda so we can distribute all the extra miles getting put on the Cadillac.

I live a very exciting life.

Side note: If anyone has an extra $500K lying around, I have some suggestions on how you could use it to help an adorable family. Just putting that out there.

What is something strangers say about your child?

We get a lot of comments about how well-behaved they are. And this one cashier at Target always talks about how they better be in different classes when they start school otherwise their teacher is going to have a really hard time.

But back to the well-behaved thing.

They boys have always been that way. I don’t know if it’s because that’s just their nature or the fact that we try not to take them out (or at least for very long) during their known fussy times. It seems that sometimes being out and about actually helps them avoid some of their fussy times.

Now, how long that’s going to last? Hah. Lately it appears that we are wading more and more into the tantrum phase, so we’ll see.

What’s your grossest mom experience to date?

Probably when everyone in my house had viral gastroenteritis and there was vomit. Everywhere.

One Sunday, I felt a bit nauseated. And then … I prayed to porcelain goddess like I hadn’t in quite some time. I was so sick I actually went to urgent care. That takes a lot for me to do these days.

And then Dan started to get sick while he was out getting me Gatorade.

And then Monday morning, I went to get the boys up and there they were. Covered in vomit. And so sad. It was really the first time they had any kind of stomach bug (well, since the pyloric stenosis for Henry, which wasn’t a bug but did involve projectile vomiting). I felt so awful for them.

We all recovered, of course. But man. That was a nasty couple of days.

What’s an adventure you’d like to try with your family?

Honestly? Right now I’d like to move. Far away from the Lowcountry. I’d like us to start fresh somewhere.

Since that’s highly unlikely to happen, I will fantasize about other things that are unlikely to happen, but are more fun to think about. Like traveling abroad or roadtripping across the country. I am not very well traveled and I would love to provide that for my children.

I’d love to go whitewater rafting (one of the few things I have actually done). Or hiking in the mountains of Colorado. Or down into the Grand Canyon.

And I know the world’s largest ball of twine is out there somewhere.

There is a map floating around online somewhere about the best roadtrip to take you around the country. I’d love to dig that out, rent an RV and just hit the road. Hitch a trailer up to the back so we can bring a car and I can Uber wherever we go to earn a little extra cash. I’m not sure if that would actually work, but it does my fantasy world.

I wish my family was…

Closer. Both physically and in our relationships.

It’s been hard, harder than I expected, not to have my mom around. And now with my dad not doing very well, I’m facing the reality that I will be without both of my parents much earlier in life than I ever expected. My boys won’t know their maternal grandparents.

It hurts.

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As a parent, what makes you proud?

There are many things about my kids that I have to be proud about. I think the thing that springs to mind first is how well-behaved the boys are when we go out in public.

Last night, for example, Dan’s dad took us all out to dinner at O’Charley’s. The boys didn’t have any meltdowns. They ate all their food without any issues. They got a little noisy, but they were happy sounds. Sure, they made a mess, but that’s just inevitable.

When we go to the store, the boys sit in the cart really well and don’t scream or cry. Unless you take one of them out, then you CANNOT put him back. Because then he will scream. Bloody murder. Like you’re torturing puppies.

What does your child enjoy doing quietly?


Absolutely nothing.

Seriously. They don’t even sleep quietly. At least not all the way through the night. Most nights.

But they aren’t generally fussy loud. It’s happy noise. Laughter. They talk to each other in their weird twin language. Toys banging around.

It’s why I enjoy the rare moments when I can get some quiet. They usually happen on the weekends when I can give Dan the baby monitor while I shower and then just have some quiet after I’m done. Turn of the ventilation fan. Turn off the radio (if I’ve even bothered to turn it on). I like to sit just quietly on the edge of the tub for a few moments.

Have you nagged recently?

Seriously? Come on.

A) This comes from a journal geared specifically toward moms. Isn’t this question just a little sexist? Would you ask a man, “Hey dude, when’s the last time you nagged your wife and kids about something?” No.

B) I have twins. Yes, of course, I have nagged someone about something recently.

Now, can we move on to something a little less irritating?

What’s your best time-saving shortcut?

I don’t know that I have one these days.

Last year, it was all about making large batches of formula. Well, the boys are off formula (yay!), soooo….

I guess maybe using fruit cups when I don’t have time to deal with peeling/dicing/whatevering fresh fruit? I get the no sugar added kind and just drain them and toss them on the high chair tray. The boys also LOVE the fruit/veggie pouches, so those are pretty quick and easy.