A person you wanted to ignore today (fill in the blank)

Ha! This could get me in trouble.

So, short version: We’re supposed to be launching this new system at work. It’s already been delayed once. It was supposed to go live this coming Monday, and at the eleventh hour today it got delayed again.

I wanted to ignore my inner nag and anyone who brought up anything about the new system or it being delayed.

Who’s your nemesis?

I feel like I’m high school when reading that question.

Like, omigod, did you HEAR what she said about you?! What are you gonna DO?! Omigod. Oh. My. GAH.

I don’t know that I have an actual nemesis right now. There are the usual theoretical suspects: time, sweets, etc. I guess I’m lucky in that regard right now. Although, I know very few people who have an actual nemesis. The one that I do is completely justified in calling that particular person her nemesis.

What’s your favorite word (right now)?

I think this is only makes sense to a few people: MINE!

As we’ve been packing up and moving Dan’s parents’ stuff out of the house so that we can move in, it’s been hard to visualize the space as our own. I mean, Dan grew up there so it obviously feels like home to him, but it’s been harder for me.

Well, today we made some good progress towards making the house feel like mine, too. While Dan was at work, his best friend, James, was helping me pack up the moving truck. We had previously knocked a hole in a faux wall that we were planning on taking out. Today James went Hulk on it and took it for me.I did a dance in the newly opened space.

It finally feels like we’ve crossed the threshold from it being the parents’ house to our house. It feels so good 🙂

What would you like to ask your mother?

And we’ve already hit the first tough question.

I know for most people, this might be a less weighty question. But for those of you that really know me and my family, it’s understandable that I’m a little hesitant in answering this one. I guess my question for my mom would be, “Why can’t you see that you need help and can no longer take care of yourself?”

I don’t think it’s fair to my family to air all that laundry at this point. Some of you will understand that question, some of you won’t. And I’m fine with that.

My sister, me and mom at my college graduation in 2006.

Did you sleep alone last night?

I haven’t slept alone (give or take a night here and there) for about two and half years.

Dan and I have been together for three years and he is the great love of my life. Sure, we get frustrated with each other and it’s not always easy living with a boy (I’m a bit picky and nutty), but at the end of the day we always know that we love each other. My life has been so enriched since he came into it.

Dan and me
This is Dan and me at his brother Chris' wedding in October 2009.

Let’s get started

I was at a luncheon for a direct sales fashion line as guest of my friend/consultant. At these luncheons, there is always some sort of gift for the attendees. At this particular luncheon, they gave us a special journal. This is what the description on the back says:

This journal was created to help you make a time capsule of the next five years of your life in the simplest way possible. You can start at any point in the year. Simply turn to today’s date and take a few moments to answer the question at the top of the page (or don’t answer it; this is your journal). When you finish the year, move on to the next section. As the years go by, you’ll notice how your answers evolve.

As I was looking through the journal with my friend, we both thought it would make a great blog. And so here I am. I will answer a question a day, every day, for as long as I can. I challenge you all to look at the questions and share your answers in the comments. I hope you’ll enjoy this experience as much as I hope to!