I’m not OK, and that’s OK.

While I don’t generally let people see me at my vulnerable moments, I’ve not been shy about that fact that I have them. I have bipolar disorder. It’s not something I’m ashamed of. So when I got pregnant, I knew the likelihood that I would develop postpartum depression would be that much greater. And when […]

The story of Lucas and Henry

From the very beginning, my pregnancy held a variety of surprises. At the 8-week ultrasound, as soon as the technician turned on the monitor, we saw we were having twins. No real family history or fertility treatments. Just an honest to goodness miracle of life. We were in shock. For about two months. But eventually, […]

Taking a detour

It’s been almost two months since my mom passed away. I’m still struggling with the concept of her being gone, despite the fact that I know better than anyone that she is never coming back. My mom was sick for my whole life. Not with cancer or some other physical disease. She suffered from bipolar […]