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Week 6: Back in the saddle again

I feel like you should all prepare for this trend. Week A: So great, yay! Week B: Not great, boo! Week C: Great again, yay! And so on and so forth. So here we are for a yay! week.

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What’s something you recently bought for your child?

Aside from food? A stack of pajamas to give us an eight-day supply of jammies (in theory). That way I (hopefully) don’t have to do laundry every three or four days just because we’ve run out of clean pajamas. But really, food is the most frequent purchase. Yes, it’s for all of us. Honestly, though, […]


I feel so relieved that …

The boys are still healthy and thriving. I was really worried when we made the switch to all table food. I have never had particularly good eating habits, and I was worried that I would mess things up for the boys.

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I know; I’m sorry

Hear me out: I spend 8+ hours a day on a computer for work, and sometimes it’s just hard to get on one at home. I know I’m supposed to be part of this techy generation that lives and dies by machines, but sometimes I just need to unplug. You know? So here I am […]