And so it begins…

Yesterday was Daniel’s last day at work. We are now in a period of limbo while we wait for several things to shake out: his short-term disability to get approved (even though he’s been forced out onto disability, it could still be denied), vocational rehab to get started, the boys to get on WIC to […]

When was the last time you danced?

I have a dance party with the boys pretty much every day. But dancing is the classic sense? Probably not since our wedding in March 2014. Daniel isn’t much into dancing, and basically had to bully him into giving me one dance at the wedding. Maybe I’ll get one of those dance video games. It […]

Have you nagged recently?

My children? No. They are still a little young for that. My husband? Probably. Now, if you expect me to remember what about, then you’re out of luck. It was likely something along the lines of eating cheese or taking lunch to work or whatever. I’m sure Daniel could tell you. But he won’t because […]

When was the last time you used a babysitter in the evening?

When my godmother was here, she helped frequently in the evenings/overnight. And my dear friend/Lucas’ godmother, Sydney, helped several times, as well. I’m sure this question is more about hiring a babysitter so you can have date night or something. That honestly hasn’t happened since the boys were born. Primarily because Daniel works in the […]

I’m not OK, and that’s OK.

While I don’t generally let people see me at my vulnerable moments, I’ve not been shy about that fact that I have them. I have bipolar disorder. It’s not something I’m ashamed of. So when I got pregnant, I knew the likelihood that I would develop postpartum depression would be that much greater. And when […]