As a parent, what makes you proud?

There are many things about my kids that I have to be proud about. I think the thing that springs to mind first is how well-behaved the boys are when we go out in public. Last night, for example, Dan’s dad took us all out to dinner at O’Charley’s. The boys didn’t have any meltdowns. […]

Have you nagged recently?

Seriously? Come on. A) This comes from a journal geared specifically toward moms. Isn’t this question just a little sexist? Would you ask a man, “Hey dude, when’s the last time you nagged your wife and kids about something?” No. B) I have twins. Yes, of course, I have nagged someone about something recently. Now, […]

I was amazed when my kid…

I’m constantly amazed at how well they play with each other. And last night, I was amazed at how well they played with the girls who live next door. We had our neighbor and her two daughters, 2 and 4, over for dinner. After dinner, the kids all sat in the living room and played […]

What’s a parenting “fact” no one seems to acknowledge?

It’s not that no one acknowledges this, but I don’t think it can ever be fully expressed and understood until you are a parent: it’s really, really hard. It changes your entire sense of self and what life is and can be like. If you’re like me and never pictured yourself having children, it can […]