Time to be the boss of my body again

OK, so I wrote before that I was going to start Weight Watchers again and everything was going to get back to working for my body! The weight loss would magically start to happen and I’d be in pre-babies shape again in no time! Guess what. That was bullshit. It didn’t work because I just […]

When was the last time you thought “I didn’t see that one coming”?

Honestly? Probably when my water broke. I stopped trying to figure out how things might go after that.  We were prepared (as much as you can be) for the boys to be born about a month early. But almost three months early? Who thinks that can happen to them? Especially when you’ve had a remarkably […]

What’s your answer to the question “what do you do?”

I am a stay-at-home mom who takes care of twin babies, a husband and a small menagerie of animals (some call it a pet store). I also do some freelance work, but am always looking for new opportunities! I never thought I would be someone who happily had that as their answer. Even throughout my […]

The story of Lucas and Henry

From the very beginning, my pregnancy held a variety of surprises. At the 8-week ultrasound, as soon as the technician turned on the monitor, we saw we were having twins. No real family history or fertility treatments. Just an honest to goodness miracle of life. We were in shock. For about two months. But eventually, […]