Time to be the boss of my body again

OK, so I wrote before that I was going to start Weight Watchers again and everything was going to get back to working for my body! The weight loss would magically start to happen and I’d be in pre-babies shape again in no time! Guess what. That was bullshit. It didn’t work because I just […]

My parenting Kryptonite

When the boys were babies, I’m talking bottle-phase, they had reflux. All. The. Time. But it was never really “vomit” in the traditional sense. That was the aspect of parenting young children that I knew would be one of my biggest challenges. You see, I’ve always been a person that has an easy gag reflex. […]

What does your child enjoy doing quietly?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Seriously. They don’t even sleep quietly. At least not all the way through the night. Most nights. But they aren’t generally fussy loud. It’s happy noise. Laughter. They talk to each other in their weird twin language. Toys banging around. It’s why I enjoy the rare moments when I can get some […]

Have you nagged recently?

Seriously? Come on. A) This comes from a journal geared specifically toward moms. Isn’t this question just a little sexist? Would you ask a man, “Hey dude, when’s the last time you nagged your wife and kids about something?” No. B) I have twins. Yes, of course, I have nagged someone about something recently. Now, […]

I was amazed when my kid…

I’m constantly amazed at how well they play with each other. And last night, I was amazed at how well they played with the girls who live next door. We had our neighbor and her two daughters, 2 and 4, over for dinner. After dinner, the kids all sat in the living room and played […]